Don’t you think the time has come for big Public Companies to report to their investors, basic accounting information, such as revenue and some KPIs, on a fairly regular basis, like monthly? The frequency of the Quarterly reports that we have lived with for almost 50 years are somewhat lacking in relation to the technology revolution and the needs of the investors. The recent cases of the dramatic changes of FB and Amazon share prices, in both directions, have indicated it. Providing this information would not demand major efforts for those big companies that have high quality Information Systems – as their executives follow this critical information on a regular basis, weekly and even daily!! The full analysis of the Profitability, where volatility is generally less, can wait for the Quarterly reports.
One of the problems in the Accounting field is that there is no serious discussion about certain theses that have accompanied us during the course of many decades. This results in the continued erosion of relevance for the investors.
This English Site, containing original accounting ideas, in many diverse issues: Starting from the “questioning” of the basic concept of Consolidated Financial Statements to rethinking the new lease model in light of the coronavirus, and current issues like the required changes in the Accounting Standards, in order to achieve the relevant Accounting treatment from investments in CryptoCurrency and NFT.