About us

IFRS Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a leading provider of accounting advisory services in Israel – specializing in accounting standards in general, and IFRS in particular. The firm’s unique advisory services, which focus, inter alia, on solving complex accounting issues, are mostly provided to reporting companies and independent auditors. The firm also supports companies in implementing new accounting standards, preparing requests for pre-rulings from the Israel Securities Authority, and provides expert accounting opinions to courts. Among the firm’s customers are leading public and private Israeli companies as well as foreign companies. In 2018, the firm won the tender for accounting advisory services to the Government Companies Authority (GCA). In 2020, the firm won the tender of The Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority (CMISA) for accounting advisory services for audit of supervised entities. In 2021, the firm won the tender for accounting advisory services to the Bank of Israel.

The firm’s owner and CEO – Mr. Shlomi Shuv – also serves as Head of the Accounting Program and Deputy Dean at the Arison School of business of the Reichman University. He is the joint head of the Fair Value Forum and a board member at Alony Hetz Assets and Investments Ltd. and Midroog Ltd. (a Moody’s subsidiary), also he is a member of the advisory board of a fintech company – RemitRix Ltd. In 2022, has been elected Chairman of the IVS Forum Professional Board. In 2008-2019, Mr. Shuv published a weekly column on IFRS-related issues in the business newspaper The Marker.

Shlomi, who is a member of the Accounting Principles and Financial Reporting Committee and a chairman of the Steering Committee for profession future of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, and a participant in a professional committee of the Israel Accounting Standards Board (IASB), has been voted Israel’s leading expert on IFRS by the country’s leading accountants. He is the principal author of “IFRS 2020: New Financial Accounting” and  “Fair Value in Accounting: From Theory to Practice” And co-author of the books “New Insurance Accounting: IFRS 17″ and “The Theory of Numbers of the Business World” (analysis of financial statements and valuation).